Product Range

Made to measure - ex factory

Our product strategy has a clear goal, i.e. providing the customer with the machine or system which is individually tailored to suit his special needs. Divided in two lines – s-line and e-line – this strategy is the key to highest possible performance- and configuration flexibility.

Wohlenberg develops and produces gatherers, perfect binders and three-knife trimmers. To form a component system with the various perfect binding lines we also supply the matching book block feeders, cooling devices, book stackers, shrink tunnels and palletizers. Additionally we also develop the required software module for  optimum control and analysis of perfect binding systems

Gathering machines

The gathering machines Sprinter s and Sprinter sXL are the reasonably priced versions of the Sprinter e and Sprinter eXL. Tried and tested machine building combined with modern design as well as latest development features for vacuum generation recommend the sprinters s and sXL as machines with an optimal cost/performance ratio. The machine is designed to be used as stand-alone machine or linked to a Wohlenberg perfect binder. The XL-series cover a larger format range and can be equipped with up to 32 stations.

The Streamer is based on a new machine concept marked by a high degree of modularity. This ensures that the Streamer will continue to meet process demands even for future product processing. Outstanding performance features of the new machine is the smooth production running and an easy and quick handling both during setup and during ongoing production.

Perfect binder

Who works with innovative Wohlenberg technique sets new benchmarks when binding is concerned – also in economical perspective.The Wohlenberg product strategy pursues a definite goal, i.e. to offer each individual customer a machine or system which is tailored to his special needs. For this Wohlenberg provides several platforms.
Quickbinder :  up to 2.000 cycles/h. The compact, universal high-quality perfect binder
Quickmax NEW :  up to 2.500 cycles/h. One for all.
City 4000 :  up to 5.000 cyles/h. The ‘FAST EDITION’: Easy to handle and reliable.
City e :  Edition 4.000, 5.000, 6.000 cycles/h. –Automatically good!
Vento NEW :  up to 7.000 cycles/h. Dynamic and universal.
Phoenix NEW :  up to 9.000 cycles/h. Efficiency by innovation.

Book Splitter

TS 8000

The book splitter TS 8000 can be used both as stand-alone machine and in inline operation. The book splitter increases the perfect binding efficiency and can be integrated into each perfect binding line, thus being a further system component from the Wohlenberg product range. The frequency-controlled product transport guarantees an exact product alignment. The second saw blade (option) for the tail cut guarantees uniform spine lengths.

Three-knife trimmer

Maximum performance for maximum standards.

The Wohlenberg Three-Knife Trimmers. Their advantages: Higher cycle rates, less wear, a more precise trim and resulting here from a perfect product. More than 5000 three-knife trimmers, sold worldwide, provide the basis for analysing our customers’ demands and stepwise realize them by applying state-of-art technology. Job runs decrease, formats change rapidly and the material which is being processed is of ever higher quality and at the same time more sensitive. These features we took account of by responding to them. The complexity of modern machines must not affect the operation comfort negatively. Even skilled operators treasure an operator interface which can be intuitively used and which allows to concentrate on the actual job rather than on the need to cope with complicated technical details. This means saving time and preventing mistakes

Technical Highlights


Made-to measure functionality.

Prerequisite for the productive use of a perfect binding system is its simple and safe handling. Particularly in case of complex perfect binding systems the continuity of the operator’s concept, with all systems components included, is of special importance. Only that way set-up efforts on the total system can be minimized and system monitoring during production be organized safely and efficiently. Exactly here Wohlenberg starts with their system software:
Navigator e as well as Navidesk, bind-com® and ConditionPro® with their made-to-measure functionality guarantee a simple and safe handling of Wohlenberg perfect binding systems.

Binding techniques

Perfect binding unites the individual sheets or signatures by glue application. This requires, depending on the pre-finishing process, sub-processes as spine preparation. Perfect binding is used, depending on the standard, in all sectors of post-press finishing, e.g. on phone books, magazines, hardcovers etc.

From gathered sheets (book block ) the spine is being removed (spine preparation), turning the folded sheets (at the spine) into single ones. Afterwards the glue is being applied onto the block spine. The system used may be rollers or nozzles. Finally the block is united by means of a cover or by backlining material.

Secondhand machines

If you have any questions about second-hand machines please contact our sale.