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NOORTEC's SERVICES have always been a reliable support for our press department. I don't know any other representative company which the majority of its personnel work in service and support sector.  

seyed reza karrubi

CEO- Akhtar-e Shomal
We're satisfied with comprehensive and professional COOPERATION

Hamiid shahrabi

CEO- Bank Melli Printing

Mehrdad nabatchian 

CEO- Asan Pack
Despite all sanctions, none of our Presses stopped for lack of Spare Parts delivery delay. We're happy with NOORTEC SERVICE.

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محصول ماه

Stern Plate

Stern thermal offset plates can be used on a variety of thermal platsetters. These plates are made with high resolution and have high efficiency. The resolution of them is 1-99% and 450 lpi.
The color of Stern thermal plate is blue and it is sensitive to 830 nm light. The run lenght of these plates is 100,000 copies, which will reach 200,000 if burned.Stern thermal plate is compatible with all platesetters. These plates are set on your platesetter by Noortec technicians.