Welcome to your networked print factory

In a networked print factory, products, presses and tools are continuously exchanging information via wireless chips and sensors. Presses configure themselves, change automatically from one job to the next and support the operators in their work.

Closed-loop workflow for a 360° overview

This goal calls for intensive networking of all business processes with both the production and the measuring and control systems on the presses. To this end, all relevant data are shared between the departments responsible for sales, job preparation, planning, production, financial controlling and logistics, and are even integrated with web-to print systems, where appropriate. Complete information is available at all process steps along the value chain – in real time and across the whole company. Management is provided with a 360° view of all company activities.

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Workflow Consulting

Every company is different, and that calls for very precise analysis. We advise you on all aspects of printshop planning and management. Before you actually start to work with our software solutions, we define joint targets and analyse the processes and systems which are to be networked to identify the potential for optimisation. An individually tailored solution is then developed for your specific project.

Workflow Software Products

A management information system (MIS) represents the hub of your networked print factory. Our production planning and control software KBA LogoTronic provides the necessary interfaces and serves as the link between production and the MIS. With the combination of both systems and their real-time communication in our Complete production workflow, we offer you an ideal solution from a single partner.

Workflow After-Sales Support

After your investment decision, we continue to support you throughout the on-site implementation of our networking solutions. Training for your staff, remote maintenance services and regular updates and upgrades for your software are similarly inherent to the project.

JDF networking in the Complete Production Workflow

In print companies with a CIP4/JDF-capable MIS, the  LogoTronic  interfaces enable a closed-loop JDF workflow between shop floor and top floor.  LogoTronic  receives process data from the MIS and passes them on to the connected presses. In return, press and production data are collected and sent back to the MIS in the form of JMF status messages. Bidirectional communication is established.

Open approach for optimum process integration

For us, innovative process optimisation means JDF-compliant networking of equipment and systems from different pre-press, press and post-press manufacturers. Any system which is able to interpret JDF data can be integrated into the process chain. Communication gaps in the workflow are closed, and process reliability increases.

The Complete production workflow integrates not only the solutions of KBA technology partners Kodak, Esko, Optimus and Printplus, but also existing products and software from other suppliers. This open approach is especially appreciated by users.

We offer a range of high-performance management information systems – short, MIS – as the heart of our workflow solutions. With an MIS, key management and production processes become more transparent and more efficient.

The link to the MIS

The production planning and control software  LogoTronic  Professional is the key to a networked print factory. It serves as the link between MIS, pre-press, print and post-press.  LogoTronic makes presetting data available to the individual presses, and later returns real-time production and resource data to the MIS.

Whether job parameters, production speeds or auxiliary process times, all productive and non-productive press states are recorded, categorised and prepared for output in the form of reports, dashboards and statistics. Information is available across the whole company in real time. With  LogoTronic  Professional, you are always in the picture and can give informed replies to enquiries from your customers at any time.

We would be glad to explain to you the different workflow options at our demonstration centre for digital networking solutions in Radebeul. Experience the automatic interaction of the different systems and software modules. Together we can determine the ideal starting point for the development of your networked print factory.