What is LogoTronic & Why do I need one?

LogoTronic boosts your production.

Convincingly versatile: production planning, machine presetting, tracking and reporting. The scalable production planning software fits perfectly into your production workflow and supports you in achieving your goals. It can easily grow with your businesses needs and capabilities. With LogoTronic, you can achieve your goals quickly and efficiently and boost your productivity in the long term.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

LogoTronic keeps you connected, wherever you are.

Check the current production status, take a quick look at your key production figures, make informed decisions quickly, all simplified in dashboard views and reports. With LogoTronic Mobile option, all this can be done on the move.

LogoTronic has an eye on everything.

LogoTronic not only tracks your shop floor data. It works together with your MIS and helps you to substantially optimise your day-to-day business in administration and production. Having the ultimate view on everything provides that all important feeling of control, based on your plan.

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Why choose a LogoTronic?

Top benefits of LogoTronic

Reduced make ready costs due to automatic print job creation and ink key presets

Sustainable efficiency increase through precise preliminary and final costing based on the exact analysis of job-related operations and machine data

High planning quality and productivity thanks to reliable real-time data of the various machine conditions, processes and events

Scalable LogoTronic – Immediate upgrades of additional value-added functions for individual customisation to your needs