Kodak Flexcel Systems

A complete, integrated, award-winning solution
A full portfolio of  imager size options
Efficient job layout tools
Plates for all applications
Unique patented technology
Result. Flexo Transformed

FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 System FLEXCEL NX Wide 4260 / 3548 System FLEXCEL NX Mid / Narrow System
Capable of producing FLEXCEL NX Plates up to a maximum size of 50 x 80 inches, maximize plate-making productivity and minimize waste; accommodate applications with the largest form sizes.
Choose from two configurations. Produce plates up to 35 x 48 or 42 x 60 inches for efficient and outstanding print performance accommodating large layouts and effective job planning.
Produce FLEXCEL NX Plates up to 45 x 33 inches with a Mid System, and enable  exceptional print performance with a compact footprint and fast imaging speeds. Configuration also available for smaller plate size.