Folding Machines

There are numerous reasons to choose MBO. For example, our high speed folding machines with up to 275 m/min, working widths between 35 and 165 mm, special features such as the slitter shaft cassette, add-on automization (M80) as well as pre and post slitter shafts. 

Webfinishing, Digital, PoD

Our product range of digital systems provides creative and flexible web finishing solutions. Unwinder and rewinder systems, cross and length cutting applications, selective folding, delivery systems and many more can effortlessly be integrated either inline or offline in any existing production line.  

Herzog + Heymann


The Totally Carefree-package for your Folding Machine: Deliveries Units.

The machine is not the only decisive factor when it comes to efficient folding. In order to optimally design the folding process from the material infeed to the product delivery, all modules must smoothly match. Not every system fits every requirement. 

DataManager 4.0

MBO Datamanger 4.0 supports you on the path to Industry 4.0. This innovative software package allows you to optimally plan, analyze and reduce standstill times for your processing operations focusing on MBO folding technology.