Patras is a well-proven and high-performance paper-reel transport system for supplying paper to the reelstands in newspaper, commercial and digital printing plants. This is demonstrated by countless installations throughout the world. Patras can also be implemented for automatic pile and palette logistics in industrial sheetfed offset printing companies. There are a raft of practical solutions available. A modular design allows our Patras system to be customised to suit specific production scenarios and printing-plant architecture, with the choice of options ranging from an all-manual version for printers with a low throughput of reels to fully automated for large-scale plants consuming a correspondingly high volume of paper. It can even be automated at a later date. Patras’ hardware and software interfaces ensure compatibility with any make of press. By progressively optimising paper logistics with KBA Patras you can achieve substantial savings in costs, time and waste, thus making a key contribution towards enhancing the efficiency of your production plant. 

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Highly efficient integrated substrate logistics from a single source

Modular design from manual to fully automatic

Can be embedded in ERP and inventory management systems

The Patras modular reel-logistics system can handle reels with a maximum diameter of 1,524mm (60in), a maximum width of 2,520mm (99.2in) and a maximum weight of 6t (6.6 US tons). The same is true of similar piles in sheetfed offset. Along with the  Patras M  manual reel-logistics system,  Patras A  stands for highly automated paper logistics. Patras delivers huge efficiency gains and cost savings when embedded in the production flow.

The highest level of automation includes offloading at goods reception, transfer to the reel store, splice preparation, loading onto the reelstand, production changeover and stub removal. A compelling advantage is the control and monitoring of the workflow at cutting-edge consoles. Patras,   EcoSplice  fully automated device for preparing splices and our cutting-edge reelstands can thus be networked together via a sophisticated production management system to form a single logistics workflow that more or less eliminates the need for manual intervention. The few press personnel assume a purely supervisory function. The relevant machine conditions can be monitored using clearly laid-out data screens. Functions carried out by the system, such as reel changes, are documented for subsequent evaluation. We offer practice-proven storage and transport systems specifically adapted to fit the space available. Equipment includes SRVs (storage and retrieval vehicles), AGVs (automated guided vehicles), automated reel-stripping and splice-preparation systems, high-bay stores, chimney stores, tipping stations and apron conveyor belts etc. Here we act as the main contractor, thus ensuring that the systems and components delivered are the most cost-effective and logistically appropriate for your individual production scenario.