With over 20 years experience FinestFog is one of the leading experts for industrial air humidification and water treatment in Europe.

Air Humidification Using High-Pressure Water

Air humidification that does away with fans and pressurized air. This was the idea behind FinestFog’s

Duct Humidification

FinestFog duct humidification puts an end to problems associated with humidification in HVAC systems: high energy consumption, elaborate maintenance measures, lack of hygiene.

Water Treatment

Tap water is one of the best protected foodstuffs – in Germany it can be drunk without the slightest risk. Yet it is not good enough for FinestFog air humidification systems: magnesium and calcium – the hardeners in water – cause calcification.

Hygiene Safety

Ensuring optimal hygienic conditions at every point of the humidification process is a top priority.

Energy Savings

FinestFog air humidification employs high pressure (80 bar) to atomize water to finest aerosols that are quickly absorbed by the surrounding air.