Water Treatment

FinestFog Water Treament

Tap water is one of the best protected foodstuffs – in Germany it can be drunk without the slightest risk. Yet it is not good enough for FinestFog air humidification systems: magnesium and calcium – the hardeners in water – cause calcification. Moreover, these minerals do not evaporate but instead are precipitated. High dust load and air opacification follow. The solution is FinestFog water treatment systems that produce water of the highest purity that is virtually free of salt and bacteria.

Water Treatment

Water Supply Connection ½"
Internal Thread with Stopcock
Water Inlet Filter
Water Softening Unit
Salt Container
Waste Water Connection
Reverse Osmosis Unit
Pressure Tank
Hardened Water Pipeline to Printing Press
Metering Unit
Hardening Agent
(approx. 20 l canister)
Pressure Relief and Flushing
High-Pressure Air Humidification
High-Pressure Hose Zone 1 and 2
Humidifier Pipes with High-Pressure Nozzle

Pure Water Treatment

FinestFog's  compact reverse osmosis systems are characterized by an open design and their performance. The systems produce between 100 and 900 litres of pure water per hour (larger capacities on request). The  FinestFog  osmosis module is at the heart of the water purification system. Its high-quality composite membrane is guaranteed for high efficiency over a long service life. The open design of the unit makes it easy to monitor performance. Flow meters for permeate and concentrate (waste water) supply information on operating efficiency. A conductivity sensor ensures the highest water quality. A pre-alarm and alarm provide ample warning of rising conductivity. All operating parameters can be called up on a digital display. There is no risk of water becoming recontaminated, because this is a closed system with only a small buffer tank. An integrated UV sterilization system at the end of the process gives double surety that there are no microorganisms left in the treated water.

Soft Water Treatment

Compact, ready to connect and unpowered – that’s the way the  FinestFog  soft water technology works. Tap water flows through a column filled with cation exchange resin. Magnesium (Mg²+) and calcium (Ca²+) are exchanged for an equivalent amount of sodium ions (Na+). The water softened in this fashion will now contain a proportionately greater amount of sodium salt (cooking salt), but hardly any magnesium and calcium. Both are known as hardeners. The exhausted exchange resin is automatically regenerated by regenerating salt from the storage container. In air humidification systems the sodium ions prevent nozzles from becoming calcified and blocked. In reverse osmosis systems softening units are used for pretreating the process water.  FinestFog  water softening systems are always of the pendulum type with two resin columns. This guarantees the availability of softwater at all times. Regeneration is quantity-controlled: only when a column is actually exhausted, will it be regenerated. This saves on salt and waste water. An electronic low-salt indicator (optional) shows when the regenerating salt is used up.

Process Water Treatment

FinestFog  supplies compact, ready-to-connect water treatment technology for the printing industry. In addition to supplying water for air humidifiers, the provision of fountain water for the printing machines is becoming more and more important. The heart of a  FinestFog  pure water system is the high-quality composite membrane, specially designed for high efficiency over a long service life. The pure water obtained is brought exactly to the desired water hardness via fine adjustment of the metering station. The advantages for the printing process are enormous: Compensates for fluctuations in tap water quality Prevents stripping of the colour rollers and the build-up of lime in dampening and inking units Longer lifespan for colour rollers Keeps pH level neutral Sharply reduces alcohol requirements Germ-free pure water prevents dampening units from being blocked by microorganisms Sufficiently large pressure tank even when the fountain water is completely replenished High-quality hardening agents at a fair price.
Maximize Hygiene From The Very Start
FINESTFOG water treatment systems produce ultra-pure water – practically free of salts and bacteria. A closed water circuit, the high-quality membranes, the regular flushing of the entire system and irradiation with effective UV light produce hygienically and technically flawless water.
Boost Profitability
Monitoring and control boost profitability. A FINESTFOG water treatment system shows you the data on important parameters at a glance. The volumes of pure water produced and waste water drained are shown directly. Conductivity is monitored continuously. The system issues a message whenever the desalination rate drops too low. The residual operating life of the UV radiator is displayed digitally. All operating state data can be transmitted for further processing.
Enjoy Synergies  
FINESTFOG modules are compatible with each other. Ideally, a FINESTFOG water purification unit is teamed with a FINESTFOG humidification system, which then assumes control of the water purification process. The alternative is a stand-alone solution: a reverse osmosis system with an integrated Siemens controller independently produces pure water for any application.