VariJET 106 Powered by Xerox

Digital sheetfed printing for the folding carton market

The VariJET 106 Powered by Xerox integrates Xerox Impika® inkjet technology into the sheetfed platform of the high-performance  Rapida 106. The consistent modular concept combines the opportunities of digital inkjet with the acknowledged print and inline finishing capabilities of the offset process.

For print jobs with added value

With the VariJET 106, you are ideally equipped to produce the packaging of the future, whether that means personalised and individualised print products or constant alternation between short and medium runs.  As a modular system, the VariJET 106 can be configured exactly the way you require for your particular production needs.

That makes the VariJET 106 so unique:

  • Modular integration of upstream and downstream processes
  • Combination of digital print with proven modules of the Rapida platform
  • Perfect register accuracy thanks to inline production
  • Inkjet system in cooperation with Xerox
  • Outstanding ROI

Modular design for 4 colours (prepared for 7 colours)

water-based, food aproved ink jet ink

Fuji Dimatix Samba print heads with variable droplet size

integrated pre-coating and post-coating unit

Machine control via touch screen

Predictive Maintenance and Intergire Remote Support

The best of two worlds

The VariJET 106 combines the strengths of digital inkjet with those of classic offset printing and inline finishing. Coating, cold foil transfer and printing before the inkjet unit, coating, printing and die-cutting thereafter – all processes can be integrated flexibly to match your individual job structure. It is this unique flexibility which defines the VariJET 106 as the most productive and most cost-efficient hybrid printing system on the emerging market for digital packaging printing.

The technical highlights of the VariJET 106 stand second to none: Seven colours to cover an extended colour gamut, 1440 dpi resolution, Xerox® water-based inks, printing heads which can be replaced by the operator, offset quality printing on board and flexurally rigid materials, production speeds up to 4,500 sheets/hour in medium format 75 x 106 cm.

New challenges for the packaging market

Only a tiny percentage of all packaging products retain their design for more than a year. There is no halting the trend to an increasing number of different folding cartons for identical products. Selling thrives on targeted, sometimes fast-moving campaigns, and the packaging is the only medium for communication between the product and the customer.

Whatever needs to be added to the packaging design – for example details of a competition, a photo of the local football champions or branding for a supermarket around the corner – even short runs can be realised highly economically with the VariJET 106. Add in the personalisation and individualisation options, and your customers can be offered print products with unique levels of finishing. 

New fields of business

At the same time, the VariJET 106 presents you and your customers with a whole host of new opportunities, for example infotainment packaging which links consumers with the virtual realms of the Internet, or folding carton designs with local references or for different distribution channels within one and same Region.

The production of seasonal or target-group-specific packaging variants is one of your simplest exercises with the VariJET 106. There are practically no limits to the creative possibilities. And you are ready to realise the packaging designer's innovative ideas.