Performance Analytics 

What is Performance Analytics & why do I need it?

Performance Analytics gets right to the heart of your print company’s KPIs.

Configure your own dashboards with Performance Analytics, and unlock the full potential of your production data in an instant. Your findings can be shared immediately with colleagues or superiors, and a click of the mouse suffices to illuminate even complex correlations.

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Performance Analytics lets you make data-driven decisions.

A few clicks is all it takes to gain valuable insights into where opportunities can be found within your production process. Performance Analytics helps you to answer specific questions more efficiently and effectively, so that the right decisions can be made without delay.

Performance Analytics improves the agility of your entire print company.

Performance Analytics is a full cloud-based analysis software package – available to every expert on your team and ready to use immediately. Stay up to date and benefit from the constant stream of product innovations for analysis applications.

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Why choose  Performance Analytics ?

Top benefits of Performance Analytics 

 Enhanced efficiency in print production through the identification of untapped potential using informative, out-of-the-box dashboards

 Data-driven decision-making for greater investment certainty

 Minimal time needed and greater flexibility to create individual dashboards for production data evaluation

 Systematic data analysis for process standardisation and automation as the basis for Print 4.0