Optimus Dash

What is Optimus dash & Why do I need it?

Optimus dash makes your business processes fast and flexible.

As unique as your business is, the Optimus Management Information System (MIS) adapts to your individual needs. Regardless of the substrates, processes or products involved – Optimus manages it all.

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Optimus dash boosts your efficiency through lean management.

Use Optimus to link up your production and business process data in real time. This will give you absolute control over every aspect of your company activities, and allow you to maximise efficiency and effectiveness along your entire value chain.

Optimus dash makes you a sales winner.

Increase your return on sales by concentrating on the customers and products that Optimus CRM has identified as the ones promising the best margins. The Optimus Cloud Web-to-Print software is a fast and simple solution that attracts new customers and generates additional revenue.

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Why choose Optimus dash?

Top benefits of Optimus dash

Faster response to customer requests thanks to unique job management functions

Increased earnings thanks to the focus on profit-generating jobs, and less tied-up capital through optimised stock management

Improved liquidity and business performance through automation of the ordering and invoicing processes, and more effective utilisation of working capital

Early detection and proactive prevention of bottlenecks through transparent production processes

Flexible corporate management and strategic decision-making thanks to real-time overviews of processes, data and performance indicators