RotaJET L - Industrial

            Industrial digital printing for decor and packagin

RotaJET – the name for customizing and flexibility.

The RotaJET L Series has also made its mark in industrial digital printing. The modular concept of the RotaJET L Industrial uses an identical platform and addresses the single-sided 4/0 printing of industrial applications such as decor and packaging. Its print width can be expanded from 77 - 138 cm in several stages. This unique upgradeability makes the RotaJET L the most future-proof high-volume inkjet system on the market.

The optimal union of precision engineering with a central cylinder, latest inkjet-head technology and RotaColor polymer inks achieves excellent printing results even on complex substrates or coated paper.

  • Fully automatic stitching of the print heads in the printing arrays ensures finest quality inkjet printing.
  • Intelligent low-energy dryers guarantee an exemplary energy balance - while drying your printing products safely at very low temperatures.
  • Scalable KBA XLO workflow can be upgraded in response to data volume or application changes.

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 Latest inkjet technology for supreme print quality

 Highly efficient production of small batch jobs

 Upgradeable print widths from 777 mm to 1380 mm

The central cylinder in the KBA RotaJET delivers 4C inkjet quality of the highest level and guarantees 100% stability of the substrate. Inkjet is the only real non-impact printing process used in practice. Substrates are guided around the central cylinder and under the inkjet printing heads with absolute precision and evenness. Thanks to superlative piezo-electrical inkjet technology, the RotaJET L Industrial can yield an excellent print resolution of up to 1200 dpi. Printing heads in the arrays are stitched fully automatically.

Print quality is promoted further by the application of RotaColor Control fluid in the pre-coating station. This considerably expands the range of substrates you can use.

Intelligent, low-energy dryers and an integrated cooling system facilitate the dynamic changeover from high to low levels of ink coverage. Drying at very low temperatures will give you an exemplary energy balance. The integrated cooling system reduces the temperature of the substrate efficiently and guarantees a safer and easier online finishing. Other high-precision aggregates such as the optional KBA AutoSplicer and the automatic KBA rewinder are additional examples of how you can streamline your processes even further.

High quality printing results are the goal of every user. In decorative printing, where the printed product is used for the industrial manufacturing of laminates, panels, work surfaces or edgings, quality expectations are even higher.

Learn more about the advantages of the RotaJET L Series Industrial for the decor printing sector in our showcase:

All users benefit from improvements in efficiency. By eliminating printing cylinders, anilox roller and sleeves and with inkjet’s potential for individualization even the smallest of jobs can be produced highly efficiently. You can

  • print a variety of jobs in the shortest time
  • produce at minimum make-ready time and expense
  • serve customers more efficiently

Faster job changes automatically mean a shorter time to market.

Increase your efficiency with faster job changes. On top of that, you can make new business models a reality and tap new markets. You will be more efficient and more flexible! Especially in the packaging sector you will be able to win more orders with the KBA RotaJET L Industrial.

Learn more about the benefits of the KBA RotaJET L Industrial for packaging printing in our showcase.

The modular design of the RotaJET L makes this press range extremely flexible. All RotaJET L presses share the same hardware platform and can be extended on site in one or more steps from the smallest web width of 777 mm to a maximum of 1380 mm.

An absolute plus point of the RotaJET L Series Industrial is the variable print length. The standard design of 1370 mm can be upgraded in several steps to a maximum length of 5080 mm. This allows decor printers in particular to

produce a multitude of new decors

print decors with higher variability

develop new sales potential.

The KBA reel logistics are also modular and variable. The RotaJET 77 comes with a KBA unwinder. The wider presses of the L Series are equipped with fully automatic reel splicers. These are optional for the RotaJET 77. They are fully compatible with the paper transportation system KBA PATRAS – the leading solution for the management and fully automatic supply of substrate reels to the printing system. The KBA reel logistic system permits rapid substrate changes, eliminates time consuming make-ready procedures and enhances the output of the RotaJET L Series.

A central feature of the RotaJET platform is the flexibility and scalability of the KBA XLO workflow. If your data volume or application field should change in the future, the KBA XLO workflow can be upgraded to meet your production demands.

With the variability of the KBA RotaJET L Series Industrial you can implement customer-orientated tailor-made solutions for individual and special applications. Learn more about the advantages of the RotaJET L Series for individual solutions in our References and Showcases.

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max web width in cm

RotaJET 102 - Industrial

RotaJET 112 - Industrial

RotaJET 121 - Industrial

RotaJET 130 - Industrial

RotaJET 138 - Industrial

RotaJET 77 - Industrial

RotaJET 95 - Industrial

Standard Optional Standard Optional Standard Optional Standard Optional Standard Optional Standard Optional Standard Optional
Max. web speed 150 m/min 300 m/min 150 m/min 300 m/min 150 m/min 300 m/min 150 m/min 300 m/min 150 m/min 300 m/min 150 m/min 300 m/min 150 m/min 300 m/min
Min. web width 510 mm - 560 mm - 605 mm - 650 mm - 690 mm - 400 mm - 475 mm -
Max. web width 1,020 mm - 1,120 mm - 1,210 mm - 1,300 mm - 1,380 mm - 777 mm - 950 mm -
Cut-off length variable - variable - variable - variable - variable - variable - variable -
Print volume (spm per month) 4.35 million 8.7 million 4.8 million 9.6 million 5.2 Mio. 10.4 Mio. 5.5 Mio. 11.0 Mio. 5.9 million 11.8 million 3.3 million 6.6 million 4.0 million 8.0 million
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