trim-tec 25o

trim-tec 25o

This three-knife trimmer has a solid design and is specially for customers with standalone perfect binders. The trim-tec 25o is a machine for special applications, e.g. trimming of large size products, as a universal machine for trimming of newspaper, saddle stiched products etc.

There are two operating modes:

  • Pass-through mode: 
    The trimmed products are passing through the machine and 
    being automatically discharged towards the back of the machine.
  • Return mode: 
    The products are manually loaded into the gripper system, 
    automatically trimmed and then returnded towards the operator.


  • Servo-controlled gripper system
  • Graphical operatot interface with symbolic display
  • Centralized operating panel with touch screen functions
  • Centralized hydraulic control of gripper system and pressing stamp
  • State of the art light barriers for safe operation
  • The pivotable discharge device simplifies knife and cutting table changes
  • Roller delivery for manual removal of trimmed products
  • GS and CE Certificate
  • High efficiency due to short setup time
  • Product-caring transport system
  • Adjustable clamp pressure
  • Cut counterOptions: Silicone spray device           
  •    Four-side-trimming 
  • Mechanical speed:  1500 cycles/h
  • Product height, trimmed:80 – 420 mm
  • Product width, trimmed:70 – 300 mm
  • Small format device, trimmed:50 x 65 mm (optional)
  • Large format device, trimmed:350 x 500 mm (optional)
  • Max. pile height:100 mm (All details product- and performance-related)