Baumann BDG

Automatic Positioning Systems provide you with a module which permits automatic cutting. Turning and aligning of the reams on the cutter's rear-table as well as the cut(s) themselves are carried out fully automatically. BDG is suitable both for printed and unprinted sheets. The cutting-process and the BDG are controlled by the cutting program.
  • The following tasks can be automated
  • Turning of the layer by 90° prior to the first cut (while feeding the cutter)
  • Turning of the layer by 90° or 180°
  • 4-side-trim
  • Dividing cuts
  • Cutting strips

Possible combinations

  • Combination with a pushing system
  • Combination with an automatic jogger
  • Combination with a gripper transport system BFS / BFS-R


  • Most important component for the automatic cutting process
  • Important increase in productivity
  • Relief of the operator's physical strain
  • Combination with numerous functional components
  • Highly dynamic, enabling a very quick turning and aligning process
  • The speed can be adjusted to suit the product