Automated format change

Set-up – quicker and safer!

Automated, ergonomically optimized format change on High-performance Three-Knife Trimmer trim-tec 90e. 
When changing the format the cutting table and the clamp plate, together with the size plate, must be manually removed and re-installed after the machine’s set-up. This procedure is performed in several steps, that means frequent opening and closing of the protection covers and attaching of the knife protection strips. The size-plate fixing requires a lot of experience, always involving the risk of damaging the knives. 
On the new high-performance three-knife trimmer trim-tec 90e with direct-drive technology, an automated change of the interchangeable parts (cutting table, clamp plate and size plate) is now possible. The interchangeable parts are simply pre-positioned in the machine. The three-knife trimmer ‘grips’ the relevant parts, positions them with millimetre precision and interlocks them. This automated format change is significantly quicker and safer than before, handling below the knives is no longer necessary. 
We would be pleased could we demonstrate the complete system to you in our Graphicum.