The K8 RS combined with the revolutionary log stacker delivery A10


The K8 RS is the ideal folding system for high productivity. With the capability of speeds up to 275 m/min., and its extensive use of automation, the K8 RS is an excellent choice for high volume and fast make-ready.

Features K8 RS

The K8 RS is built on the proven K8 folding platform, plus:

  • 275 m/min. speed upgrade for up to 20% productivity increase

  • Large palletized feeder FP 800/130 to accommodate taller pallets

  • Improved suction head for quick and reliable

    separation of paper sheets

  • Extended infeed for improved sheet alignment and better fold quality

  • Waste sheet ejector to minimize production


  • Advanced M1 control system technology, with 15.6” touchscreen HMI, for efficient and intuitive operation

  • Extremely versatile and available in the following configurations: S-KTL , S-KTLT and S-KTZ


Features A10

  • Intuitive machine controls and operation functions

  • Reduced physical labor for operators

  • Engineered for high speeds

  • Auto-loading system for the boards via magazine

  • Extremely high quality signature bundles benefit subsequent processes

  • Integrated press with up to 4 tons of pressure

  • Durable polyethylene or polypropylene banding straps

  • Log length range between 380-800 mm

  • Buffer table along the delivery allows operators to multi-task

  • Two modes of operation: Single Sheet (for product that requires drying or curing time – up to 15,000 sheets/hour) or Shingled Stream

  • Sheet ejection for control or bad sheets

  • Non-stop production, even during log changes

  • Optional: crane, conveyor belt, palletized log bundles


Subject to change without notice.