K 660 Efficiency

The machine that combines quality and profitability

Perfect for those who want to work efficiently on a high level

All quick setting elements of the K 660 Efficiency are placed on one level which makes handling especially efficient and comfortable. But apart from this unique feature, there are many little MBO advantages ensuring that your folding processes are optimised. Be it the swing-up smoother bars which allow the removal of paper easily or the option to adjust the sheet feeders of the cross and threefold area outside the closed hood and therefore ensuring that operation can be continued during adjustment – K 660 Efficiency is adjusted to efficiency in all areas.

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The key benefit of the K 660 Efficiency becomes obvious when it comes to standard jobs: Good quality results at a low purchase price. The optimal price/performance ratio, however, is by far not the only argument speaking in favour of K 660 Efficiency. Another plus: Its simplicity.

  • SUPER-KTL configuration with separate slitter shafts with the same diameter as in the parallel unit for perforating and cutting operations (easy handling in case of edge and gully cut operations)

  • Swing-up smoother bars for easy paper removal
  • HIGH-SPEED-WHEELS for safe sheettransportation for higher outputs 
  • Knife inclination and knife height tool-free adjustable
  • Sheet feeder adjustment in cross and threefold areas can be carried out during production
Adjustment of the sheet in the cross and threefold area can be carried out with closed hood which enables fine adjustments during production.
The height and angle of the folding knife for cross and threefold may be easily adjusted with clamping levers.
HIGH-SPEED-WHEELS: Sheet transport and stop rollers ensure the safe transportation for higher outputs.
Standard equipment and options

Standard equipment:

  • MC-Control
  • F 660 pile feeder with feeder head VACUSTAR
  • Anti-static lattice-type alignment table
  • Sheet infeed via suction wheel
  • Sheet alignment via ball rail
  • 4 NIRO buckle plates with swing deflectors
  • Through sheet stop in buckle 1
  • Low maintenance and low noise belt drive
  • Spiral foldrollers with standard PU roller coating
  • Stainless slitter shafts, quickly changeable thanks to plug bearings
  • Scoring, perforating and cutting devices for standard operations
  • Noise insulation/safety device
  • KL- or S-KTL configuration

Alternative/Additional equipment:

  • FP 660/95 palletised feeder with VACULIFT III and pile lowering device FLS, pile height 95 cm
  • Continuous feeder
  • VIVAS (with flap under register table)
  • Extension to 6 NIRO buckle plates
  • COMBIPLATE combination buckle plates
  • Gate fold
  • Glue folding device
  • Strip trimming device
  • Multiple perforating device
  • Edge trimming device
  • Punch perforating device
  • Slitter shafts in threefold area
  • Various peripheral units
  • Various deliveries

Versions and technical data
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