The first high-end buckle folding machine in the 50 x 70 cm format size including Perfection features.

MBO completes the T 535 series with the new T 535 Perfection model. By default, an integrated automation package is included in this high-end buckle folding machine. This means that all actually relevant parts like buckle plates and foldrollers are automated. Due to the concentration on these main setting elements a significant reduction of set-up times is achieved. Nevertheless, the machine can still be operated by “anyone”.

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Additionally, it is possible to add all technical Perfection features of the “big” sister machines like VIVAS, HIGHSPEED-GUIDES and slitter shaft cassette individually as an option. This makes it possible to perfectly adjust the machine to your unique products and job structure. This flexibility combined with the excellent continuous operation stability make the T 535 Perfection the ideal folding machine for customers with the highest requirements regarding quality, equipment and user-friendliness.
Automation: Everything under control. A newly-developed hardware concept especially designed and optimised for the requirements of automation speeds up the automated settings significantly – without disregarding the accuracy. Another thing that was improved: Only one plug connector for electricity and control instead of two. These and many more of MBO‘s well-proven highlights like sheet monitoring through the entire machine configuration, automatic clearout of the folding units, take-out of control sheets on each folding unit, shingle control and box counter on deliveries etc. make the MBO VARIO Control the benchmark of a completely new generation of controls.
The new T 535 Perfection combines the attractive price-performance ratio of the Efficiency series with the operating comfort of an automated machine and the features of the Perfection series. Since significantly reduced set-up times are archieved due to the integrated standard automation the T 535 Perfection is perfectly suitable for customers with a lot of different short print runs.

  • Short set-up times due to an integrated automation package
  • Individual equipment with Perfection features
  • Highest possible flexibility for adjustments to individual job structures
  • High-quality folding results thanks to sophisticated MBO technology and design
  • Reliability and product security thanks to long service life and endurance stability
  • VARIO Control – the latest generation of MBO operator controls
VIVAS is the reliable option for a flat sheet infeed and sheet running with high conveying power. The VIVAS vacuum system replaces the standard ball rails, thus guaranteeing marking-free documents, even if sensitive or freshly printed.
Marking-free high speed sheet transportation. HIGH-SPEED-GUIDE for all mobile buckle folding units of the Perfection series ensure the absolutely safe transportation of sheets thanks to their motor-driven cone-shaped rollers.
Slitter shaft cassette MWK
 The slitter shaft cassette of the Perfection series can be drawn out and reduces changeover times of one of the most timeconsuming working steps, the positioning of the knives, to a minimum, thus ensuring clearly faster availability.

Standard equipment and options


  • MBO VARIO Control including TOUCHSCREEN in folding unit I including sheet flow control
  • MBO VARIO Control in folding unit II including sheet flow control
  • Transfer table on folding unit I and II
  • F 535 pile feeder, FLS feeder loading system
  • Small sheet-size device for F 535 pile feeder
  • Sheet infeed via suction wheel
  • Sheet alignment via ball rail
  • Anti-static lattice-type alignment table
  • COMBIPLATE combi buckle plates
  • Through sheet stops in buckle 1 in folding unit I
  • Low maintenance and low noise belt drive
  • Spiral foldrollers with hard PU roller coating
  • Safety device above the slitter shafts, electronically protected
  • Scoring, perforating and cutting devices for standard jobs
  • Automation RAPIDSET
    • Buckle plates and sheet deflectors
    • Foldrollers and slitter shafts

Alternative/Additional Equipment:

  • Feeder head VACUSTAR for F 535
  • R 535 continuous feeder
  • Sheet infeed via VIVAS
  • Slitter shaft cassette MWK for folding unit I and II
  • HIGH-SPEED-GUIDE for folding unit II
  • Extension to 6 NIRO buckle plates in folding unit I and II
  • Noise-damping device
  • HIGH-GRIP spiral foldrollers
  • WINPLATE gatefold plate
  • Glue fold device
  • Additional tools for slitter shafts
  • Mobile knife folding unit X 535 as folding unit II or III
  • Gatefold brushes for X-folding unit III
  • RAS (Remote Access Service) remote maintenance