Knife folding unit Z2/48 (65) 

The mobile knife folding unit Z2 with machine control M1 features a pneumatically driven knife that can be swivelled by 180°, and allows folding both from the top and from the bottom. The Z2 can be used for various application purposes. It also has the option of side fine-adjustment of the entire knife unit and, due to the larger infeed width of the Z2/65, wider formats can be processed – especially on buckle-plate folders such as folding unit II or on large combination folders such as folding unit IV, this opens up even more application possibilities.

Knife folding unit Z6

The mobile four-knife folding unit with machine control M1 and pneumatically driven knife for use on combination or buckle folders is designed for folding from the top. As an option, it has a lateral fine adjustment of the entire knife unit.

Standard features:

  • Machine control M1 Basic
  • Mobile
  • Height adjustable
  • Z2: 180° pivoted, i.e. working from top and from bottom
  • Z6: working from top, not pivoted
Optional features:
  • Machine control M1 Advanced
  • Lateral fine adjustment of the entire knife unit