TA 112

Simple, compact, budget-priced.

The mobile table delivery TA 112 is a simple stream delivery with a collating device and is equipped by default for two-up production. Due to the low marking risk it is especially suitable for sensitive products and freshly printed sheets. Since the sheets in the delivery are in an almost upright position, the collating marks are within the operator’s view and may be easily observed during production. Moreover, the almost vertical sheet arrangement allows to hold high capacities.

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Despite its high holding capacity, the construction of the TA 112 is very compact and space-saving. Its equipment makes it a very practical and low-cost delivery solution which, depending on your requirements, can be extended to run three or four-up productions. To realise the shingle movement, the TA 112 is designed to either interrupt the sheet infeed or to accelerate the delivery.

  • High holding capacity due to almost vertical sheet arrangement
  • Low marking risk ideal for sensitive, freshly printed sheets

  • Printing marks visible for the operator, since the back of the printing sheets is facing upwards
  • Compact construction for optimal use of space
Equipment and alternative / additional equipment:


  • Mobile
  • Equipment for two-up production
  • Marking possible by detachable roller

Alternative/additional equipment:

  • Extension to three or four-up Production