SE 460

Actually even smaller than the space it needs: the price it costs.

The stream delivery SE 460 for T 460 is reduced to some essential features, therefore it is very functional and its purchase is cost-effective. It is suitable for simple folding types and small print runs as well as the folding of end sheets. Thanks to the low marking risk, sensitive and freshly printed products can also be processed without any problems.

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What is special about SE 460: the delivery is hinged into the folding machine after folding unit I or II. In this way, not much space is required and the stream delivery can also be used if only litte room for installation is available. Due to its very compact format the holding capacity is generally limited, which is however compensated by the shaping of piles after the shingle.


Low investment cost by reduction to the essentials
Minimum space requirement thanks to compact dimensions and hingeability
Low risk of marks on sensitive and freshly printed sheets