SBAP 46/72/82 ME

The flagship of the MBO deliveries.

The mobile SBAP vertical stack deliveries are a high-performance supplement to MBO folding machines. Depending on the working width, they are either designed for one-up or multiple-up production. They are excellently suited for large print runs. The space-saving arrangement where the sheets are standing on their back allows a considerably larger holding capacity as compared to stream deliveries, thus ensuring that even unstable products may be easily processed on SBAP deliveries.

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All three versions of the SBAP delivery are equipped with a press and an integrated marking device. The pressing unit with its pre and main pressing rollers facilitates the depositing and further processing of the sheets, the marking device allows shifting in package, thus facilitating the removal/loading of the products. Similarly convenient: the pile table is smoothly height-adjustable, thus always providing the operator an ergonomic loading height, independent of the height of the outfeed of the folding machine. For multiple-up productions, the infeed table with round belts allows the spreading of the products before running into the pressing station. Due to the option to use the built-in controller, all SBAP deliveries may also be used with older machines or machines from external suppliers.
  • Large holding capacity due to vertical
    bottom arrangement
  • Printing sheets standing on their back, to handle even unstable products
  • Smoothly height-adjustable pile table for working ergonomically independent of the outfeed of the folding machine
  • Integrated pressing unit for better quality results
  • Marking device for shifting in package


  • Mobile
  • Built-in controller
  • Continuous stream delivery
  • Integrated pressing station
  • Spreading of multiple-up streams
  • Light barrier and counter
  • Marking and package shifting
  • SBAP 72 ME and 82 ME: equipment fortwo-up movement production

Alternative/additional equipment:

  • SBAP 46 ME: equipment for two-up production
  • SBAP 72 ME / 82 ME: extension to three or four-up production
  • NAVIGATOR Control machine controller
  • Automatic retaining rolls
  • SBAP 46 ME: automatic feeder stop return with sheet infeed stop for one-up production
  • SBAP 72 ME / 82 ME: automatic feeder stop for two or three-up production