MBO’s curved table KT90 enables new positioning possibilities for folding production lines. Using the left turn version at the three-fold exit allows deliveries to be placed at a 90° angle. On the other hand, with the right turn version at the cross fold exit, the delivery can be placed in straight line. Makeready times can be shortened because the KT90 allows the delivery to be repositioned very quickly. Changing from a 16-page to a 32-page folded product is thus child‘s play. In addition, the space available in the production environment is used to its fullest. The curved table KT90 is compatible with all current MBO combi folder models.

Standard features:
  • Machine control M1 Basic 
  • Enables space saving positioning of deliveries in a 90° angle or in line with the folder
  • Uncomplicated and easily accessible sheet transportation
  • Marking-free sheet run
Alternative feature:
  • Machine control M1 Advanced
  • Infeed width: 14 cm – 35 cm (5 1/2” – 13 3/4”)
  • Infeed length: 10 cm – 24 cm (4” – 9 3/8”)
  • Speed: 15 m/min – 100 m/min (49 fpm – 328 fpm)