AS 540/640

Capacity despite compactness.

Mobile and height-adjustable stream delivery with two working widths – thanks to the low marking risk ideally suited for sensitive and freshly printed products of medium or high circulations. Its design includes two belt tracks at the infeed and at the collector table, thus providing a relatively large holding capacity despite its compact construction.

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AS 540/640 devices are reduced, functional stream deliveries which may be used after each folding unit. Two belt tracks are integrated at the infeed and at the collector table. From the folding machine, the products run onto a belt where they are transported shingled. Then they are transmitted to the second, slower running transportation belt. The shingle is thus shortened and more products may be picked up. Batches of counted packages are either formed by interrupting the sheet infeed or by accelerating the delivery. By default, type AS 540/640 deliveries are equipped for two-up production, both models may however also be extended to run three-up productions. For an even more comfortable and more efficient operation, we recommend to add a NAVIGATOR Control unit.
  • 2 belt tracks  for the compression of the stream delivery
  • Compact construction for optimal use of space
  • Low marking risk for sensitive, freshly printed sheets
  • Equipment for two-up production may be extended to three-up production
Equipment and alternative/additional equipment:


  • Mobile
  • Equipment for two-up production*

Alternative/additional equipment:

  • Extension to three-up production*
  • NAVIGATOR Control machine controller