Editorial Workflow

Newspress is an editorial workflow management system that allows editors, head of departments, sub-editors, correctors, production team, chief editors and designers to log in to a single centralized server to perform their daily tasks.

Highlight point

NewsPress includes a multi-lingual interface which guarantees the transfer of useful information across different users in different departments. NewsPress will organize the editorial and publishing cycle from the moment the story is created till its published.

Newswires Management

Create news filters, searches, and grouping baskets.
Prioritize assets and convert them to stories.

Events Planning and Scheduling

Enter assignments for journalists and photographers.
Perform editorial planning and other production tasks seamlessly from within the system.

Editorial Module

Enter assignments for journalists and photographers.

Edit stories.
Automate digital assets processing.
Define the paths for stories to reach different publishing channels.

Freelance Management

Generate performance and efficiency reports.
Create a repository of all your freelance editors along with their contracts and calculate their monthly due.

Enterprise Content Management

Generate performance and efficiency reports.

Drag and Drop widgets
Create microsite and much more while maintaining Search Engine Optimization!

Page production & Ad Planning:

Plan publications, assign page templates, monitor progress and easily edit layout changes.
Move pages from one place to another, or one publication to another.
Use drag and drop with InDesign to place assets on a page.
Perform quick page modifications and approvals remotely with tablet support.