Cutting width 92

Cutting width 92

Wohlenberg High Speed Guillotines of the cut-tec product line are of solid construction and suited for processing various materials, as e.g. paper, cardboard, offset printing plates or similar cutting stock. Modern cutting technique allows rational cutting of different products and sizes. The guillotine can be economically used as stand-alone unit or integrated in cutting systems. Program generation is menu-guided and covers a variety of cutting jobs, e.g. Single cut, Program cut, Repeat cut, Clamping without cut, Automatic actual-value transfer.


  • Interactive user interface
  • 18,4 touchscreen colordisplay (format 16:10)
  • Industrial control
  • MIS Integration (optional)
  • USB Interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • Operating system Windows CE
  • CIP-data-module: CIP 3 and CIP 4 (optional)
  • Interactive cutting program generator (optional)
  • Backgauge positioning by electronic hand wheel
  • Backgauge drive by servo motor (30 resp. 200 cm / sec.)
  • Optimised cutting cycle
  • Programmable clamp pressure
  • Automatic adapting of clamp pressure to cutting width
  • Automated safety knife exchange from the front
  • Quick knife-exchange
  • New machine body cast in one piece = higher stability
  • Low-maintenance electromagnetc clutch
  • Clamp bar stop function
  • Solid machine table


The cut release is activated by a two-hand cut-start. The down-movement of the knife is immediately stopped when one of the buttons is released. The self-monitoring light barrier with 50 channels operates fully electronically and is maintenance-free. 
It is constantly activated and subject to a check before each cut. The mechanical safety bolt is an additional feature against doucle-cycling of the knife. All machine functions are monitored and in case of malfunction described on the display.
  • Electronic safety light barrier
  • Two-hand guard start
  • Mechanical safety bolt
  • Safety-knife change
  • Safety lamp pressure in case of foot pedal activation
  • Mechanical shear bolt
  • Protection device when reaching under the clamp bar
  • A double-tailored retaining spring prevents failing in case of spring fracture
  • CE-mark
  • GS certified safety 


Table blower

The air table blower is activated only, when required during the cutting program, thus saving energy, noise and heat.

Closed machine table

For comfortable and easy turning even of heavy reams, the machine table is closed, forming a strong air-cushion. The elimination of the slot gap means no air cushion erosion and no trapped or forlded sheets on the bottom of the ream.

Efficient drive

As the main drive a large spur gear is installed on the new Wohlenberg machine. This is less prone to damage as for example a worm gear and also required less energy.

Cutting width [cm] 92
Cutting depth [cm] 92
Cutting height (without false clamp plate) [cm] 12
Table height [cm] 87
Clamping pressure min./max. [daN] 200-3000
Backgauge speed max.[cm/s] 30
Smallest cut without / with false clamp plate [cm] 1,5 / 5,7
Power consumption [with ASE] 4,5 kVA
Net weight [kg] 2000
Width (with standard side tables) [cm] 158
Depth [cm] 189