Restackers AS-1000 have been designed to restack gathered reams, books, brochures or folders, as well as banded or packed products. Usually, the AS-1000 is installed behind perfect binders, stitchers, collecting machines, cutters, three-knife-trimmers or book-finishing lines. An angle-stop guarantees the highly accurate restacking of the respective products. The automated functions relief the operator's physical strain while increasing the efficiency of the production system.


  • Simple operation 
  • Perfectly aligned stacks
  • Excellent cost-benefit-ratio
  • Versatile operation
  • Small foot-print


  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering
  • Platform with bevelled front-edge
  • An adjustable phto-cell verifies constantly that the top of the pile remains at a working-height
  • Double chain design -> highest possible safety