Baumann BSP

Storage-Board Systems offer numerous buffer spaces for very small multiple-cuts (labels, postcards, etc.). They bridge the waiting-times between the cutting and the finishing process. Due to the very small format, the multiple-cuts are transported without any air-cushion. Storage-Boards without any air-holes are put between the layers, separating them and are also used for the layer’s transport. Storage-Boards are put in or taken out by the operator.


  • Building up a pile of multiple-cuts for further processing
  • Destacking of piles
  • Pile-exchange

Modes of operation

  • The Storage-Board System is situated next to the cutter
  • Building up a pile of multiple cuts
  • After the cutting process, the operator puts the cuts onto the 

Destacking of piles

Piles, consisting of multiple-cuts and storage-boards are put in the storage-board system and are destacked. The cuts are pushed down from the storage-boards and are transferred to the finishing process (packing, banding or shring-wrapping).


BSP is a low-cost buffering system for small format multiple-cuts

Sheet format [mm] 770 x 1070 1050 x 1450 1250 x 1670
Max. ream height [mm] 160 160 160
Connected load [kVA] 2 2 2