BA F

Baumann BA F

The multiple unloader BA-F automates the restacking process. The unloaders BA-F enable you to restack up to 4 piles onto up to 4 different pallets. They offer a great variety of possible combinations. Different materials can be handled at the same time. The unloaders BA-F are able to restack both large-format single-cuts and divided or multiple-cuts and can also be used for strips or labels within the label production. The complete machine moves within the machine bed. It can take up the products at different places and restack them at one or several pallet places.


  • A fully automatic restacking process
  • Cross-pile centration on top of the pallet
  • Possible combination with automatic cutting and Board-sorting-rack BSR
  • Different modes of operation
  • Latest technology, very dynamic, very short restacking cycles
  • Increased productivity
  • Relief of the operator’s physical strain
  • A great variety of possible combinations

Modes of operation

  • The unloader can take up single-cuts from the rear-table of the cutter, align and restack them fully automatically
  • BA-F can automatically take up divided cuts from the rear-table of the cutter. The divided cut is completed by the second half at the cutter’s front-table. The completed layer can then be restacked fully automatically
  • Operation as "conventional" unloader, operating via the cutter’s front-table
Sheet format max. [mm] 800 x 1000 1000 x 1300 1050 x 1450
Pallet places max. 4 (6) 4 (6) 4
Cross-pile centration X X X
Combination with BSR X X X
Combination with APS X X X
Intermediate board inserter X X X
Pallet heigh [mm] 100 100 130

BA 7F BA 8F BA 10F
Sheet format max. [mm] 1260 x 1670 1300 x 1850 1525 x 2050
Pallet places max. 3 3 2
Cross-pile centration X X X
Combination with BSR - - -
Combination with APS X X X
Intermediate board inserter - - -
Pallet heigh [mm] 130 130 130