Pile Turner BSW-AUP

Pile Turner BSW-AUP

The Pile Turner BSW-AUP has been developed specifically for the needs of non-stop automatic sheet-fed printing and stamping machines. Sizes 3B, 6 and 7 are available. A major application area is the industrial packaging. All operations take place automatically and are controlled by the program. The pile turner BSW-AUP is an inline solution upgradeable and can be integrated into a logistics system. BSW-AUP pile turners can take on a great variety of different tasks, such as:
  • Pile turning
  • Precise pile alignment in the centre of the pallet (with alignment stop)
  • Change from transport pallets to system pallets
  • Aerate and thus separate the sheets prior to the printing or die-cutting process
  • Turning of a great variety of materials (from very thin sheets to heavy cardboard)


  • Operator's panel with clear text display
  • Pile turner can be installed on a level floor (according to the specification); a pit is not required
  • Intensified aeration device with air boxes
  • Vibration device
  • Stop with automatic clamping for system pallets for an easy exchange of the transport pallet against the system pallet
  • Space-saving operation; the pallets (with piles) are taken up and deposited at the same spot
  • Short turning cycles (approx. 90 sec.)
  • Removing single sheets is possible


  • Fully automatic turning process, controlled by the program
  • Vibration and alignment devices infinitely variable
  • Low power consumption thanks to the latest, energy-efficient high-pressure fans
  • Double clamp (option)
  • Fully automatic pallet exchange (option)