Baumann BTE

Pushing systems can transfer the cut layers from the front-table of the high-speed cutter to the following finishing process. This process can be semi- or fully automatically, depending on the respective task. Numerous appliances are possible. The layers are transported in a "straight-forward movement".


  • Careful transport of materials
  • Universal application
  • Increasing the productivity
  • Enabling the automation of the subsequent finishing proces

Flexible and individual

BTE can be used for any format and is always adjusted to meet the company’s individual requirements. The subsequent finishing proces determins the application.

Strips cuts (also labels)
Cutting strips X -
Punching - X
Counter cut to finishlabel products (2nd cutter) X -
Banding - X
Shrink-wrapping - X
Sorting with automated restacking X X
Packing - X