Baumann BTE

Pushing systems can take the reams out of the jogger, the gripper transport system or the loader and transport them towards the cutter. BTE can be equipped with one or two buffer-spaces. It is suitable wherever the reams can be pushed. Transport-times of the BTE are shorter than those of the BFS. BTE usually feeds the cutter via the rear-table. It can also be installed in combination with a BFS-R (5th buffer-space) or as support for the front-table feeding. The reams are transported in a "straight-forward movement".


  • Very good cost-benefit ratio
  • Higher reams can be processed when feeding the cutter via the rear-table.
  • Cost-saving, increasing the productivity
  • Numerous possibilities of application

Flexible and individual

BTE can be used for any format and is always adjusted to meet the company’s individual requirements.