BPS - Pressing Station

BPS - Pressing Station

BAUMANN Pressing Stations remove the remaining air from between the sheets and thus contribute to increasing the cutting- accuracy. The air is effectively removed without any damage to the material. After the pressing station, the ream can be transferred manually onto the cutter‘s front-table. As an alternative, the ream can be taken out of the pressing station by means of a gripper transport system and will then automatically be transferred onto the cutter‘s rear-table. 
All BAUMANN Pressing Stations are very solid and robust and have been designed to cope with the highest possible pressure (the BPS 3 has an effective pressure on a 700 x 1000 mm sheet of about 50 to).


  • The pressing station is designed with a stainless steel air-table.
  • Solid clamping system
  • Side flap with pneumatic tilt
  • Pressing speed can be adjusted to expulse difficult material


  • Latest technology
  • Very comfortable operation
Sheet format [mm] 770 x 1070 1050 x 1450 1250 x 1670
Max. ream height [mm] 160 160 160
Connected load [kVA] 2 2 2