Baumann BMR

The Multi-Ream Rack BMR bridges the waiting-times between jogging and cutting. The jogged reams are buffered within the Multi-Ream Rack and are transported towards the cutter when required. BMR runs fully automatically and is always operated as "in-line solution". The number of possible storage places is only limited by the height of the building. A gripper transport system takes the jogged reams from the automatic jogger to the Multi-Ream Rack where they can be stored. When the ream is required at the cutter, the gripper transport system takes it to the cutter’s rear-table. Different orders are managed by numbers/names.


  • Compared to other "storage systems", a much higher number of jogged reams can be stored
  • The storage process runs fully automatically (no pile-transport is necessary)
  • Possibility to store different orders simultaneously
  • Optimum management of different orders
  • Storing of freshly printed sheets
  • Reduction of remaining air between the jogged reams
  • Highly efficient and cost-saving
Format max. [mm] 770 x 1070 1050 x 1450
Storage places min. 10/15/20 10/15/20
Usual number of reams(rear-table feeding) 15/20/25 15/20/25