BDG e

Baumann BDG e

The operator builds a ream within the automatic jogger BSB 3 L professional. Afterwards, he needs to take only a few steps towards the cutter, where he can carry out the remaining cuts of the previous ream. At the same time, the next (jogged and aligned) ream is transferred automatically from the automatic jogger to the side-table of the high-speed cutter. 
As soon as the operator has completed the cutting process and the cuts are being destacked by the unloader, the next ream ist automatically transferred onto the front-table of the cutter. Pushing the ream into the high-speed cutter, aligning it highly precisely and carrying our a four-side-trim are automatic operations. The operator is thus free to prepare the next ream in the automatic jogger BSB 3 L professional. 
After the first cut, the ream can be turned automatically by 90°. Up to 4 cuts can be carried out automatically.


  • Thanks to the innovative front aligning device, the automatic cutting process is now possible without a loss of quality
  • Output increase of up to 50 % compared to a conventional cutting line
  • An "all-purpose-system", offering highest productivity
  • Perfect interaction of automatic and manual tasks
  • Ergonomic relief for the operator