Air Tables

Available Tables

  • Air-Tables
  • Air-Table Corners
  • Pneumatically or Manually tiltable Air-Tables
  • Combinations of Mobile and Fixed Air-Tables
  • Packing Tables

The Air-Table

Air-Tables are delivered in rectangular or square form for different formats. A low-pressure blower supplies the required air. The balls of the air-valves are pressed down by the weight of the layer so that the air can flow, forming an air-cushion between the table and the material. Even heavy materials can be transported with a minimum effort.

Air-Table corner

In contrast to the air-tables, an air-table corner can be of any given form. An air-table corner is usually installed next to the right or left hand-side front-table of the cutter. The air-table corner can either be fixed or moveable (for ASE cutters).

The Tiltable Table

A tiltable table is always part of a "normal" air-table. It is installed when a passageway is required within a lane of air-tables. The size of the tiltable table depends on the format of the basic air-table and the table-height. The tiltable table can be tilted pneumatically or manually. It is locked in the horizontal position.

The Combination of mobile and fixed air-tables

A combination of a mobile and a fixed air-table facilitates the transport of the material towards the front-table of the cutter. It consists of one fixed and one mobile air-table, which enable the transport of the material either towards or from the front-table of the cutter. The mobile table provides an additional work surface in front of the cutter, which has to be available during the cutting process. Mobile Tables move on rollers and are guided by a guiding rail.

The Packing Table

Packing Tables provide work space, where small format cuts can be packed together manually. They are not equipped with air.

Available Surfaces

  • Wooden Table with formica coating (Resopal)
  • Steel Table with stainless-steel coating (3 mm)
  • Aluminum Table with hard-coated surface (without air-valves / with holes for air-penetration)


  • There is an optimum solution for any application
  • Universal application
  • Modular system – modular design
  • Different surfaces available
  • Highly ergonomic
Blower X X -
Air valves X X X
Support X X -
Stainless-steel side gauge X X -
Pneumatically tiltable - - X
Manually tiltable - - X
Mobile - X or -
Fixed X X X