Display assambly station

Typ SSM 202

Suitable for adjusting, gluing and joining together blanks, especially for 2-piece floor displays (stands), 2piece boxes etc., manual feeding. The display station can be used for different jobs as well, with simple and fast machine set-up:
– to glue and close American boxes automatically, manually feeding and pre-folding, automatically gluing and closing.
– gluing and folding of a bottom flap from 30 – 80 mm by a special folding track.
– inline glue application unit for hot-melt and cold glue applied by nozzles to a substrate blank.
Incl. two feeding tables for feeding the top and bottom blanks by hand. Adjustable chains with locks (tappets) register the blanks manually fed at their rear edge. Adjustable side guides align the blanks correctly before they get glued and joined together. Simple and fast adjustment and correction of the register by a simple hand wheel is possible, also during machine operation. Hand feeding.
Blank width: min. 400 mm, max. 2,000 mm/for folding bottom flap: max. 1,930 mm
Blank length: min. 400 mm, max. 2,000 mm for die-cuts, blanks/up to max. 1,600 mm for folding bottom flaps
Output: speed up to 20 m/min., means approx.8 blanks / min.
               speed up to 30 m/min., means approx. 12 blanks / min.
               speed up to 50 m/min., means approx. 20 blanks / min.
Floor space: requirement: approx. 6 x 3.7 x 2 m (length x width x height) – weight approx. 2,000 kg