Labeling machine

            Typ LLM 2006/NP

The LLM 1625/NP capable of labeling litho printed labels to RSC boxes and substrate blanks for the purpose of producing value-added point-of-purchase packaging. The process of adding a litho printed sheet to one or more panels of a brown box is one of the most cost effective ways of turning a box into an informative sales tool. It is possible to use the machine for spot and full sheet labeling as well. A new special pre-registration system for the substrate blanks allows a tight register for full sheet mounting.

It is a smart investment for customer running older out dated equipment and need to upgrade their production and lower their cost of operation. The machine is also ideal for customers entering the market and wanting to keep investment low yet use automated equipment.

Technical Data:

Blank width:

min.300 mm,max.1,650 mm

Blank lenght:

min.350 mm,max.2,540 mm

Label width:

min.200 mm,max.1,600 mm

Label length:

min.350 mm,max.2,050 mm

Output (dependent on blank / board length):

−up until800 mm:up to4,000blanks per hour

−from800–1.250 mm: :up to2,600blanks per hour

−from1,250–1.650 mm: :up to2,000blanks per hour

−from1,650–2.540 mm: :up to1,300blanks per hour


approx. ± 2mm–without pre-registration of the substrate blank

approx. ± 1mm–in case of activatedpre-registration, unless the label is not reset morethan 200mm towards the leading edge of the blank


RSC‘s, corrugated blanks and sheets, chipboard up to 20 mm caliper


paperfrom approx. 120 – 220 gsm, dependent on fibre direction and material quality

*All data dependent on material quality, skill of operators fibre direction, right angle cut, etc.