BP Aganti


Corrugating line Mod. VANTAGE

The BP Agnati Corrugating Line mod. VANTAGE – available in working widths 1800– 2500 and 2800 mm – features a modular design that allows different machine configurations depending on the specific production needs of our customers. It incorporates technologically advanced and innovative solutions, both in the wet-end as well as in the dry-end areas to guarantee maximum flexibility of the production process, highest equipment performance and highest quality of the final product. The production process is managed optimally through an integrated control system of all parameters relating to the quality of the corrugated board. Ease of use combined with the innovative technology makes this corrugator highly performing and allows a significant saving in raw material consumption and a low cost of ownership, thanks to its proven reliability and minimum maintenance requirements.

Mill Roll Stand mod. V-PBM

The operational features of the PBM Roll Stand make paper changes fast, reliable and operator friendly, enabling continuous wet-end operation at full production speed.

Splicer mod. V-GVR

A key feature of the V-GVR is the fully electronic control system using servo motors for smooth and consistent web tension control throughout the full speed range of corrugator operation.

Preheaters mod. PRR – PRDR – PRTR

PRR – PRDR – PRTR – Is a modular unit, consisting of two sturdy side frames and one preheating drum with a diameter of 900 mm or 1100 mm. Two fixed idler rolls and one movable double wrap roll allow a smooth and easy paper threading, as requested by production.
The single station unit (mod. PRR) is used to heat single facer liners, while the two-station (mod. PRDR) and the three-station version (mod. PRTR) are used to heat the liner at the double backer.
The wrap is temperature controlled and the wrap arm is motorized by a Servo-motor and drive.

Single Facer – V-S90

Depending on the specific production needs of each customer, a valid alternative to the new VSF is represented by the new V-Super90 single facer. V-S90 is one of the best selling single facers in the world. It has proven over the years its unique ability to adapt to evolving production needs and market trends, in relation to orders, papers, and flute changes. This operator friendly machine has a technical simplicity to ensure top reliability and minimize maintenance requirements.

Single Facer mod. Vantage SF

The VSF is designed with technical characteristics and performance criteria that represent an important evolution in single facer technology. VSF allows to process very light papers and is suitable both for standard and special applications. Its main features are: absence of critical speeds, variable corrugating pressure, special non-metallic pressure roll, reduced maintenance costs, flute change in 5 minutes.

Glue Unit mod. V-IM

The innovative technical features and performances of the recently engineered Vantage IM glue machine are matched to the ever growing requirements related to the use of special papers and various glue types. With Vantage IM, the bonding process utilizes an exact amount of adhesive consistent with the board grade being produced. This glue unit adapts and provides the optimal glue application for optimum bonding, flatter board and consistent high board quality.

Double Backer mod. VANTAGE DF

Double Backer VANTAGE DF is equipped with VaryPress, the unique heat transfer system that allows variable pressure across the machine, providing a consistent heat transfer, efficient temperature control and optimum bonding. It is possible to instantly vary and adjust the temperature profile by optimizing heat transfer in the various working zones both across machine and in the machine direction. Constant product quality at the highest working speeds is assured , as well as the ability to control board flatness.

Rotary Shear mod. V-HRS90

The Rotary Shear mod. V-HRS90 includes a helical blade cutting system, brushless motors and innovative technology to drive the knife cylinders. The cuts are made in full synchronization with the speed of the board. The high efficiency of the V-HRS 90 rotary shear reduces the amount of scrap and helps to maintain the high performance level of the entire corrugator line.

Slitter Scorer mod. V-PowerSet

Slitter Scorer V-PowerSet can be configured as a double–module robotic machine, or as a double machine with one or two auxiliary scorere modules, independently driven. The various V-Powerset configurations available satisfy even the most complex requirements related to the number of outs, score to score distances, and profiles. They also offer the maximum flexibility in utilizing the tools choosen for the machine. It can be joined to the Gapless technology to perform gapless order changes at full line speed.

Cutoff mod. V-TREL

The quality dynamic performance of Cutoff V-TREL is due to its highly advanced control technology. The machine can be optionally equipped with 2, 3 or 4 motors for each cutting section, according to the production performance curve required. The new removable Infeed Section permits to facilitate maintenance and blade adjusting works.

Stacker mod. V-Stacker

The V-Stacker is the ideal complement to the production performances of the full BP Agnati Corrugator, performing gapless order changes at full line speed. The modular construction of the main framework allows for flexible machine configuration to suit any corrugator need. The V-Stacker has the flexibility to fully meet production requirements such as handling any sheet size and board grade, very short order cycles, as well as special order conditions. This operating flexibility is due to the technical features of the shingling section and the stack separation section, and to the specifically designed electronic control. A distinctive feature of the V-Stacker is the possibility to be equipped with the BP Agnati Scrap Ejector device.


Automatic Process Control System
The AutoTouch system provides total integration and control of all operating parameters.
It has a very simple and effective interface between man and machine, providing an exceptionally simple operational tool.
The operator can monitor all the information related to the current production at the same time.
He can interact with machine operation, modifying the data instantaneously and modified settings are visualized in real time.
All the combined quality settings are integrated with all the other adjustments on the corrugator through memorized recipes related to given paper combinations so that the entire process is balanced for high efficiency and optimization of all corrugator resources. The System processes a great number of details including statistical data and other useful information related to order production, as well as to the diagnostic function.