ProCut 58 Foil

ProCut 58 Foil

Positioning system KAMA CPX

Save time twice: First, clichés are fixed to the mounting plate at highest register accuracy in a single step with the cliché positioning system KAMA CPX. And secondly, another job can still be running on the cutting machine while you prepare the die. The CPX can be used for all positioning work for hot foil stamping, hologram stamping and cold embossing jobs, but also for setting up cutting dies.

Specifications of cliché positioning system KAMA CPX


> Saving in set-up time
Quick cliché mounting at highest register accuracy outside the cutting machine.

Precise positioning
The CPX reads the work files directly, computes the target position and indicates it on the monitor. The actual cliché position recorded by a camera is laid on top on the monitor without shades.

Easy to operate
The clichés are mounted to the indicated target position is one step. Thermal expansion of mounting plate and clichés is calculated and compensated for automatically.

>   Versatility
For any positioning work on hot foil and hologram stamping modules, magnetic plates, hot cut systems and universal chases.

Material Paper, cardboard, plastics 80–800 g/m² **
Maximum sheet size 580 x 400 mm
Minimum sheet size 210 x 148 mm
Maximum cutting size 570 x 390 mm
Minimum gripper margin 10 mm
Height of cutting blades 23.8 mm
Maximum machine performance* 6,000 sheets/h
Maximum cutting pressure 120 tonnes
Maximum stacking height (sheet feeder) 700 mm
Maximum stacking height (delivery unit) 500 mm
Dimensions 2.60 x 1.75 m
Net weight 3,000 kg