Shopping bag reinforcing handles inserting unit

This machine is a special inserting unit to apply the two reinforcing cartons on the shopping bag handles and make the creasing.


Main technical data

  • Maximum open format: 70 x 120 cm
  • Minimum open format:  14 x 25 cm
  • Paper weight:                from 150 to 250 gr
  • Reinforcing cartons:

Width:                            from 35 to 120 mm

Length:                          from 80 to 350 mm

Thickness:                      maximum 4 mm

                                      minimum 0.3 mm 

Grammage:                    from 200 to 500 gr


Machine composed of:

  • Flat pile feeder
  • “TALIA” Inserter to position the two reinforcing carton on the shopper handles
  • Gluing system with independent applicator
  • Delivery table