Tear Tape Applicator


Tear Tape Applicator

Our tear tape applicator Altor is designed to apply the tear tape on complex items such as courier envelopes, easy opening system for washing powder and many other similar products. It can be installed on huge variety of different machines including Fidia and other manufactures’ machines. We at Fidia Macchine Grafiche pride ourselves with our robust machines. That is why the Altor is of the highest quality and comes with it’s own warranty. The Altor applicator could also be used in the boxing industry for a variety of different jobs. For any further inquiries for this applicator you may contact us using the “More Info” button below or the Contact Us form.

Main technical data:

  • Minimum tape width: 2,4 mm
  • Maximum working output: 100 pieces/min

On standard machine you may produce some following items:

Courier envelopes of different kind

Possible jobs ALTOR Envelopes with tape