Rialto–Envelope Making Machine

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Envelope making machine the Rialto

The Rialto envelope making machine is a light (70g – 120g paper) envelope making, folding and gluing machine, is designed to produce office envelopes previously die cut or ram punched. One operator feeds the machine and also packs the finished products. This machine is one of our most reliable envelope making machines. We have been making it for many years and it has withstood the test of time. Can be used for making envelopes in one or two passes depending on the configuration of the machine. For any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us using the Contact Us button.

Main technical data

  • Format max:  160 x 230 mm closed
  • Format min: 110 x 230 mm closed
  • Paper weight: from 70 to  120 gms

Machine composed of:

  • Unit 1:

Lateral glue flaps rotary creasing and folding section

Cold gluing system with 2 applicators guns

Parallel folding plate with rollers:

minimum fold: 55 mm

maximum fold: 160 mm

  • Unit 2:

90° degree turning unit with roller side lay alignment

Remoistable gluing application unit

Plough folding system

  • Delivery table

On standard machine you may produce some following items:

Envelopes with external flaps

Rialto envelopes making machines

Envelopes with internal flaps

Rialto envelopes making machines

Envelopes with double sided tape application

Rialto envelopes making machines