Cordo Garda

Book Binding Machine

Creasing folding gluing machine | Cordo Garda

Cordo Garda is a robust and sturdy creasing folding gluing machine which last over many years. Fidia designed this machine to make long run works in the book binding industry. Thanks to its vacuum register belt, it ensures accurate registration before large diameter rotary creasing tooling, makes the scoring /creasing operation. The folds are made with the help of ploughs and at the end of the machine a pair of nip rollers are placed to give a perfectly flat fold.

The ease of set up and running has made this a standard in bookbinding companies that produce book covers with flaps or magazine covers with flaps or flexible book covers. Also the Cordo Garda folding and gluing machine is used in the large envelopes production as well as in many works of creasing, cutting and folding.