Roller Care


  • Provides a deep clean of ink rollers
  • Deglazes and extracts contaminants from the roller
  • No petroleum distillates or harsh odors
  • Enables better ink and image transfer, color changes between dark and light inks, and aggressive UV cleaning

AQUA-IMAGE IR-C Calcium Remover

  • Fast-acting and powerful decalcifying agent for rollers and blankets
  • Eliminates calcium residue
  • Prevents calcium from accumulating
  • Improves ink roller transfer

AQUA-IMAGE MRC Metering Roller Cleaner

  • Fast evaporating cleaner for metering rollers and other dampening rollers
  • Removes ink vehicles and other contaminants from the roller quickly
  • Doesn't leave behind solvent residue
  • Penetrates for a deep and lasting clean