Plate Cleaners and Scratch Removers


AQUA-IMAGE LD Plate Cleaner

  • Multi-use plate cleaner for conventional inks
  • Mild and effective
  • Cleans without image degradation
  • Creates a water-receptive film on non-image areas that allows for quick and easy setup
  • Also functions as short-term preserver, desensitizer, and a light scratch remover

AQUA-IMAGE HD Plate Cleaner

  • Fast-acting; suited for thermal and conventional plates
  • Quickly and thoroughly cleans the plate, including any calcium that has attached to the plate image
  • Capable of short-term plate storage
  • Effective desensitization of non-image areas

AQUA-IMAGE Plate Cleaner/Preserver

  • Plate cleaner, preserver, and finisher all in one
  • Desensitizes plates and removes scratches, scum, and oxidation residue
  • Quick start-up and short-term preservation traits

AQUA-IMAGE UV Plate Cleaner

  • Specifically designed for UV ink removal
  • Powerful enough to cut through UV ink quickly

AQUA-IMAGE CS Plate Cleaner

  • Low-VOC plate cleaner, compliant with California regulations
  • Thoroughly cleans ink and contaminants
  • Effective at removing light scratches
  • Treats plate sensitivity

AQUA-IMAGE CA Plate Cleaner

  • Low-VOC plate cleaner, compliant with California regulations
  • Effectively removes ink and light scratches

AQUA-IMAGE AL Plate Cleaner

  • Alkaline plate cleaner for tough plate challenges
  • Removes severe scratches, scumming and oxidation
  • Desensitizes the plate
  • Can counteract chemical plate blinding and gum streaks
  • Suitable for baked plates

AQUA-IMAGE OTF Plate Cleaner

  • Spray-on plate cleaning solution for web presses
  • Ideal for cleaning and fixing plate issues during printing without completely stopping the press
  • Removes light scratches and scumming
  • Desensitizes the plate
  • Does not degrade the image
  • Low-VOC content, compliant with California regulations

AQUA-IMAGE SR Plate Cleaner and Scratch Remover

  • Powerful and efficient plate cleaner and heavy-duty scratch remover
  • Quickly removes ink and helps minimize plate sensitivity
  • Contains a solvent blend that emulsifies ink without any abrasives