Commercial Printing Press

Blazing Speed

It's an output workhorse producing up to 90 million top quality pages per month. With more speed Prosper 6000 enables more efficiency and a faster time to market, allowing you to serve the impatient with time sensitive marketing campaigns

Imaging Process

Our flexible solution lets you print a wide range of applications and makes longer run lengths of variable data printing possible… and profitable.

Be Limitless

Expand your business by offering more, Prosper 6000 Presses have been built to handle the full range of today's print applications while meeting the business goals of newspaper and book publishers, commercial printers, and direct mail services.


Prosper 6000 Presses are offered in two different models with various configurations to fit your business needs.

Unrivaled Quality

Prosper 6000 produces vibrant photorealistic images day after day comparable to offset quality, durable enough to withstand frequent handling with quality impressive enough to please the most demanding client.

Prosper 6000c Press Brochure

Throughput Up to 1,000 fpm (300 mpm), up to 4,364 A4 ppm, 8-, 12-, 16-page signatures****
Image quality Approaching 200 lpi at 650 fpm (200 mpm); 133 lpi at 1,000 fpm (300 mpm)

Types: Uncoated free sheet groundwood and matte, glossy and silk coated papers

6000C: 42 - 270 gsm, 3 - 12 pt, 28# newsprint – 100# cover

6000P: 42 - 125 gsm, 3 - 6.2 pt, 28# newsprint - 80# book weight Roll width: 8 - 25.5 inches (20.3 – 64.8 cm)

Imaging system

Technology:  Kodak Stream Inkjet Technology

Ink type: Kodak's aqueous pigmented process color inks

Jetting Modules: 4.16", 48 Jetting Modules within a standard perfecting press

Imaging width: Up to 24.45 (62.1 cm)

Variable cutoff: Up to 54" (137.2 cm)

Duty cycle: 90M A4 or letter pages/month*

File formats PDF, PDF-VT, PPML/GA, PPML/VDX, VPS, PostScript, AFP
Digital front end

Kodak 700 Print Manager (Version 4.0 or higher is required) contains:

  • Kodak 700 Digital Front End contained in two cabinets with 1 Control Server and 8 Print Process Servers
  • Each server contains (at a minimum): Dual  Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.33 GHz Processors, 6GB RAM, RAID
  • with 1TB system storage, and 2TB for image processing,  Microsoft Windows 2003 server OS
  • Hardware-accelerated image processing technology
  • Scalable architecture, for expansion and customer-specific solutions
  • Connectivity: Ethernet TCP/IP 1Gbps twisted pair, IPDS (TCP/IP), or JDF/JMF
  • One cabinet containing the Kodak Prosper 720 Press Controller
  • Speed: Simultaneous RIP and print capability at up to 1,000 fpm (300 mpm)*****
  • JDF/JMF: Job ticket control, enterprise connectivity and workflow automation
  • Workflow: Open architecture allows integration into a wide variety of workflows, including  Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions. CIP4 JDF compliant, Remote Client, Remote Job Ticketing, Hot folder file submission
  • IPDS connectivity 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6000C:Standard configuration: 92 x 26 x 7 feet (28 x 7.9 x 2.1 m)**L-shaped: 52 x 64 x 7 feet (15.8 x 19.5 x 2.1 m)**U-shaped: 50 x 43 x 7 feet (15.2 x 13.1 x 2.1 m)**6000P:Standard configuration: 78 x 26 x 7 feet (23.8 x 7.9 x 2.1 m)**L-shaped configuration: 50 x 56 x 7 (15.2 x 17.1 x 2.1 m)**U-shaped configuration: 42 x 43 x 7 (12.8 x 13.1 x 2.1 m)** 
Operating environment 60° to 85°F (16° to 30°C) @ 10 to 90% RH non-condensing; 85° to 104°F (30° to 40°C) @ 10 to 60% RH noncondensing; Altitude above sea level: 6,000 feet (1,830 meters) max.

Electrical voltage: 3-Phase 50-60Hz and 208-230 50-60h

6000C: Consumption during operation at 650 fpm (200 mpm): 34.2 Kw (idle), 377.8 Kw (uncoated papers), 401.9 Kw (glossy and matte coated papers)***Consumption during operation at 1,000 fpm (300 mpm): 34.2 Kw (idle), 402.8 Kw (uncoated papers), 442.6 Kw (matte coated papers)***

6000P: Consumption during operation at 325 fpm (100 mpm): 187.6 Kw (glossy coated papers)***Consumption during operation at 650 fpm (200 mpm): 33.6 Kw (idle), 283.2 Kw (uncoated papers), 304.7 Kw (glossy and matte coated papers)***Consumption during operation at 1,000 fpm (300 mpm): 33.6 Kw (idle), 295.9 Kw (uncoated papers), 341.0 Kw (matte coated papers)***

Consumables Jetting modules:  Kodak Prosper Press Jetting Modules Inks:  Kodak Prosper Press Pigment Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Inks Other fluids:  Kodak Prosper Press Storage Solution and Replenisher Fluid Ink supply: 208-liter drums (55 gal.)
Solutions Job submission:  Kodak Insite Prepress Portal System Creation and organization:  Kodak Insite Creative Workflow System and K odak Insite Asset Library Production management:  Kodak Prinergy Workflow v5.1 or higher Proofing:  Kodak Matchprint Inkjet Proofing System and Kodak Matchprint Virtual Technology Asset management:  Kodak Data Management Solutions Color management:  Kodak Colorflow Software Qualified book finishing solutions: Available from Kodak authorized providers Optional: Auto-splicing and re-winder solutions available from Kodak authorized providers
Optional accessories Kodak Color Toolkit Plus station Kodak Color Toolkit - All-inclusive bundle
Kodak Prosper  Press Jetting Module Recovery StationAuto Splicer (provided by Kodak partner)Kodak's Ink Estimator Software