Fifth Imaging Units

            For KODAK NEXPRESS Presses

Be Efficient

The roll feeder from Lasermax Roll Systems is a productivity enhancer for KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Presses. It's ideal for print operations that value a high level of automation and want to standardize on just a few paper stocks.

Be Productive

The roll feeder can save time, money and labor, providing hours of uninterrupted operation. It increases the efficiency of transactional, book, direct mail and other high-volume workflows helping drive more jobs per shift and more profit per page.

Maximum Flexibility

The roll feeder supports the same range of sheet sizes as the KODAK NEXPRESS Presses. 
All of the press' cut sheet drawers remain operational when the roll feeder is connected, so if cut sheets of the same stock are loaded there is no need to interrupt production while a roll is being replaced.

Easy to Use

The roll feeder has three components: an unwinder, a cutter, and a sheet transport. The unwinder feeds paper off the roll to the cutter, which consistently produces precisely cut sheets. The sheet transport delivers the cut sheets to the press.
The roll feeder features automatic decurling, no-lift mounting and a self-centering design. Rolls are loaded quickly and easily into the unwinder from a roll cart.

UV Coater

The TruCoat UV Coater easily connects inline to the digital presses via a built-in transport conveyor. Sheets are seamlessly transported into the roller chamber for UV coating and under a UV lamp for curing. The finished product is stunning, accentuating every detail and increasing vibrancy and color.

Longer Print

Print sheets up to 14 x 39.37 inches (356 mm x 1 meter) on the KODAK NEXPRESS Press, with the long sheet pile feeder. The larger sheet size means you can produce even more applications to meet diverse market needs.

Maximum Flexibility

The Long Sheet Pile Feeder supports the same range of sheet sizes as the KODAK NEXPRESS press. All of the press' substrate drawers remain operational. Sheets from the press drawers can be inserted in the job stream along with sheets fed from the pile feeder, bringing the total number of substrate types that can be fed into a single job up to five.