KODAK VERSAMARK Application Solutions

            Quality. Value. Scaleability.

Customizable and Scaleable

KODAK VERSAMARK Printing Systems provide exceptional value, with a customizable, scaleable feature set. The systems represent opportunities for full variable data transactional, direct mail and newspaper printing, especially where space is at a premium.

Direct Mail

It's time for 1:1 relevant communications. The more you can personally connect with the target of your marketing message, the more likely they are to respond.


Integrate with a variety of transactional tracking and finishing solutions.


KODAK VERSAMARK Printing Systems offer digital printing solutions for newspaper printing. Accommodate short runs, integrate variable data printing, localized or micro-zoned versions and remote printing for same day delivery, all with the flexibility and speed of digital.


Integrate with finishing options to create a complete end-to-end book solution. Print short run, small lot sizes with full ability to introduce variable print and personalization as needed. Integration with inline finishing reduces overall waste, production time and increases overall efficiencies.


Produce high-end, single-pass color printing with MICR. Kodak pioneered the combination of process color inkjet and MICR imprinting in a single pass. The KODAK VERSAMARK MICR Option builds on this legacy, enabling easy and efficient integration of MICR printing to your high-quality, process color VERSAMARK Printing Systems.

Security Ink

Add unique security features invisible to the naked eye. Reduce the fraudulent use and reproduction of counterfeit items. Print invisible barcodes to track and trace document use and location when it's scanned.

Digital Printing Security Solutions

Your brand is your most valuable corporate asset. Learn how digital printing solutions can help you protect it.